The World Peace Pathway at Kingsley Hall

The Peace Pathway arose from the desire of people from many different faith and cultural traditions to create an artistic focus for peace within London. It is here for all to enjoy and expresses our universal yearning for peace and harmony.

Soil, sand or stones from every country in the world have been placed under the Path. Much of this has come from places of special significance, including Mecca, Mount Arafat, Assisi, Vrindavan, Jerusalem, Machu Picchu and Antarctica. Under the whole structure, there is sand from Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram in Ahmedabad, India.

At the centre you will see a solar-powered World Peace Flame light, symbolising the healing light of peace shining onto the whole world.

The words for peace in many different languages are carved into the outer circle of the Pathway.

Please walk around the world and add your prayers, hopes and wishes for peace.

Footprints for Peace

On a piece of paper draw around your feet with a pencil or pen*

In one of your footprints write your wish for peace. In the other footprint write how you can help to make your wish come true.

Have fun making peace!

*Teachers note
You may wish to let the children step in the paint to make the footprints. Let these dry and then write on them. You may prefer to draw around hands. The children may prefer to write on small pieces of paper and hold them in their cupped hands.

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